Carpet School


School of Rugs “Magic Carpet” – I was most impressed with this school because the man who established it was very generous and I respected him a lot. He opened this school so that children from the village could help their family make an income. He taught the children how to weave carpets and had them demonstrate this skill to us in slow motion and even let us try. We watched them also in full speed which was a blinding blur of fingers in which you couldn’t tell what they were even doing. They make the carpets out of 3 main materials: silk, wool, and cotton. The wool and cotton were made by the children and the silk by older students. At this school were also professional artists who wove beautiful tapestries. The owner took us upstairs to the display and storage room and showed us many designs and carpets that we might want to purchase. The beautiful floor to ceiling carpets were $25,000! The small beautiful carpet I purchased was pure silk with the design of the tree of life that had birds on the tree representing a different stage of life. I was touched by the evident community that a school like this represented. The carpet I purchased was expensive but well worth the memories. My only hope is that by making a purchase I have helped contribute to the life of one of these children.

Posted at 1:04 PM by Tracey May