Egyptian Dance Party


The second night on our cruise ship, the Nile Jewel, the staff of the boat hosted an Egyptian Dance party. A lot of that had bought Egyptian outfits wore them to this festive event. Those of us that dressed up took pictures for the ships’ photographer. The night started with a “marriage”. Tracey May and a man from the French group that was traveling on the ship with us were married in the traditional Nubian way. All of got up and joined in the dancing to celebrate the marriage. Missy, Alexis, Molly and I were chosen to attempt to belly dance. Instead, we decided to go with the Macarena. After the marriage activities, we played a few games. The first one entailed a French man dancing with Missy. After a certain amount of time, the couple broke apart and grabbed someone else to dance with. This continued until the whole party was dancing in couples. We went on to play a game where everyone started on the floor and dance around. When the music stopped, the director would call out a number and we had to rush into a group of that amount of people. This continued until it was me, Molly and Jim left on the dance floor. The final number called out was two so I was the odd one left out. However, I ended up winning the game! The bar gave me a free drink to try. I believe it was hibiscus juice. The next game was the common mummy game. The director said that you have to wrap someone in toilet paper like a mummy when you are in Egypt! Missy and Jonathon were paired together and then Matt and I. Matt stood still while I wrapped him up. This process made me beyond dizzy! However, in the end, all four of us won. We got to try another drink made from the bar. I did not participate in the next game, but everyone got up and passed three bottles around a circle. The people left with the bottle when the music stopped was out of the game. This ended the games for the night. Nubian music was played for a while for us to dance around, but soon after they played music you hear in the states. I believe their song of choice was Barbie Girl to start with. The party ended around 11:30, and we all headed for bed.

Posted at 4:03 PM by Katie Fretwell