Horse Carriage Ride


One of my favorite things on the trip was our horse carriage ride through the actual city of Luxor. This wasn’t actually on the itinerary, but Adel, our tour guide, and Dr. El-Bermawy surprised us with it. After dinner on the cruise ship, we picked a partner and a carriage. It was one of my favorite things we did because we actually went through the back streets or Luxor and saw how they live, communicate, hang out, what they do, where they shop, ECT. This helped open my eyes to their culture and see it in person. It felt like a movie, where you see kids playing in the alley and that is just how it was because we saw kids playing checkers and soccer in the alley ways. One thing I thought was weird was how the kids ran around freely without supervision, and they had no worries about being kidnapped or anything along those lines; maybe we are just raised and told not to. Along the way, the driver showed us buildings and described other architecture along the way, so we could see how they live. Also, the driver let us drive the carriage at times which was a lot of fun since it is something that I have never done before. The carriage ride stopped at the Egyptian Café. The café had a really relaxing atmosphere and it was open and made from palm trees, so it had an outside feel to it. We sat around tables and talked about the trip and what we have enjoyed so far and enjoyed some fresh fruit drinks. After the Egyptian Café, we finished the carriage ride and were back at the cruise ship to end a great night so until then…Salam!

Posted at 8:23 PM by Barry Matthes