Husa Hotel


The hotel we stayed at in Cairo was called Husa Hotel. This hotel was like a normal hotel that we see at home. It had a full bathroom, 2 beds, a small TV, lamps, a table and chairs, a refrigerator, etc. I did think the bed felt hard as a rock and I heard that other students thought the same. I am extremely grateful that we did not have to share beds and we all had our own bed. The building had 8 floors and on the top was a little restaurant with the best view of the pyramids!! The elevator was interesting. It was very small and maybe 2-3 people could fit in it with their bags. The door was like a normal door that you swing open and then once it latched shut an internal door closed and away we went. We ate our meals at the hotel in the dinning room. Each meal was buffet style and we could pick and choose what we wanted to eat and were given bottled water. The service was great at this hotel. When we would pack up to leave, all we had to do was put our luggage outside our room and they would be sure to bring our bags down and put them on the bus (vise versa for when we arrived). I’m sure the man at the front desk got a little annoyed with us asking for the internet cards every time we had the chance to. They had limited internet and only so many people at a time could have access to the password. Overall, this hotel was a great hotel for us!

Posted at 9:28 AM by Andria Carroll