King Tutankhamen's Treasures


It was our first day in Egypt and we knew we had a long day ahead of us. We traveled all day and our last stop on our agenda was the Egyptian Museum. I was really tired at this point, but I knew I had to stay awake. We were going to be exploring the Egyptian Museum and King Tutankhamen treasures and it is something that cannot be missed. The collection in this museum includes over 120,000 items. King Tutankhamen’s tomb is a major highlight at the museum along with the mummy room. King Tutankhamen is also known as “ King Tut”, for short. For those who don’t know who King Tut was, he was the son of Akanotn. Tut became the Pharaoh of Egypt soon after his father died. At that time, he was only nine years old.. Tut married his half-sister, Ankhesanamum, at the age of nine as well. Tut died as a young pharaoh at the age of 19. Many people don’t know who killed him or why, but it is said that he was poisoned by his wife. King Tut’s tomb was found in the Valley of the King in 1923 by Howard Carter. Now many of his treasures are located on the upper floor’s east and north wings of the museum. There are over 1,700 of items on display that we were able to see. Included in this collection were hunting gear, board games, couches, jewelry, coffins, and lastly, the life size gold mask that was centered in the room where it was displayed. There were also two inner coffins that were located in the room with Tut’s gold mask. One coffin was glided wood and set with semi-precious gems, while the other was solid gold. It was a great experience being able to see his treasures. It was even better seeing it on the first day because it made me more excited to be able to see his mummy, which we were going to be visiting in the Valley of the Kings on another day of our trip. I believe that the reason I enjoyed the museum so much was because of our tour guide, Adel. He always kept us fascinated with everything that he knew about the exhibits at the museum. I had a great time at the museum and I began to look forward to actually seeing King Tutankhamen mummy.

Posted at 10:34 AM by Ewelina Rog