Medicinal Tools in Ancient Egypt


Kom Ombo lies between Edfu and Aswan. At this site there are alchemy rooms where hieroglyphics are present that depict medical tools used in ancient Egypt such as various saws, hooks, blades, scaples, balances and scales, curettes, dilators, scissors, medicine bottles, forceps, and the eye of Horus used for measuring fractions. These are thought to be rare engraved images of the first representation of medical instruments for performing surgery dating from the days of the Roman Egypt. There also seemed to be the world's first stethoscope, which I tried to take a picture of it. However, it was located in a gated off, dark room and it was not possible to get a clear picture. This is just a small bit of evidence that depict how clever Egyptians were.

Posted at 2:12 PM by Tracey May