Nubian Dance Party On the Nile Jewel


While we were in Egypt, we traveled up the Nile on a cruise boat called the Nile Jewel. The boat was a 5 star cruise. It was really nice and all of the staff was very friendly. During the evening, as we traveled down the Nile River, the ship employees had planned activities for us to take part in. One night, people came onto the ship and showed us a style of dance that they have learned through their Nubian heritage. The music they danced to was very upbeat and had a good tempo to move to. We all were sitting there watching while they performed for us. As each song would end, the dancers would quickly change costumes before the next song. The Nubian dancers then went on to select people from the crowd to join in and dance with them. At one point, our entire group was up dancing around the room. It was very different kind of dance but everyone enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. The show was very entertaining and it was a great time when we got to be involved with the dances. It was a change of pace to enjoy some time dancing after a long day of touring what great treasures Egypt has to offer.

Posted at 10:31 AM by Tayler Oldin