The Nubian Sand Dunes


After seeing the Nubian village and the kindergarten school, we got back on our boat and headed towards our cruise ship. While on the way back, our tour guide, Adel, had a surprise stop for us to see. It was a huge sand dune. We all thought we were just going to get some sand samples here and feel how soft it was, but really Adel was showing us a perfect spot to take some pictures of the city and the Nile river. Before we could get that awesome picture though we had to climb this sand dune. Adel told us that we were going to have a little competition and whoever made it to the top first was going to get a surprise. Hearing this we all got excited and was ready to take on this challenge. We were all lined up and Adel counted down and we all took off when he said go. Everyone started strong but about a third of the way up it looked like everyone went into slow motion. That sand was a lot harder to run in than anyone thought it would be. After a tough struggle up the sand dune, Derek Harris climbed to the top and was the first guy to accomplish the challenge and Missy Tanner was the first for the girls to climb straight up the sand dune, and Tracy May was the first one to win taking the long way up the sand dune. They were closely followed by Jim Varner, Dr. Walsh, and Katie Fretwell close behind. After eveyone caught their breath, they were astonished by the view. It was a great site of the city and the river. We took some group pictures and then pretty much skied down the sand. The three winners all got cartouch with our names on it from Adel. It was something that we will never forget just because it was something fun and we got to relax a little bit while we were doing it. Egypt has been a great experience and I will never forget this study abroad trip.

Posted at 1:54 PM by Derek Harris