The High Dam


This trip has been amazing so far, we have seen so many beautiful things...the Pyramids, Tombs, King Tut's Mummy, Abu Simbel Temple, and many more. I want to tell you all about the High Dam that is located in Aswan. As you know the Nile River flows South to North and Aswan is located in the South. This dam was built because the Nile River had flooded. This dam is 111 meters high, 3830 meters long, 980 meters wide at the base, and 40 meters wide at the top. It is much wider at the bottom than the top. If you look at it from a side view it almost resembles the shape of a pyramid. The amount of brick/stone that it took to make this could make up to 18 pyramids. This is just to show you how huge this dam really is. The Nile is on one side of the dam and the other side created a large lake called Lake Nasser. Lake Nasser is so big, it goes all the way to Sudan!

This dam is also a joint project between the Russians and the Egyptians. Both worked together to create this master piece. They built a memorial monument towards this. It represents a lotus flower. In the middle of it the writing is split. One side it is written in Russian and the other is written in Arabic. There is an elevator to the top but we were unable to go to the top. This monument reminds me somewhat of the St. Louis Arch if you would want to compare it to something. It is AMAZING!

Posted at 12:55 PM by Andria Carroll