Karnak Temple


I had always wanted to view the pyramids. Ever since I was a kid I remember wanting to climb and explore through the pyramids. When I found out that I was actually going to be able to see them in real life, I was ecstatic! So, when we reached Cairo, we went to see the pyramids first. Okay, so they were everything I expected. I didn’t think that I needed to see anything else—the pyramids were Egypt. I was way wrong! The next day we were scheduled to visit the Karnak Temple. I was not familiar with the temple so I didn’t know what to expect. Let me just say…wow! I could not believe my eyes—it was huge! This temple was made for Amun, the king of the gods. It isn’t hard to believe since it is the largest temple complex built by man. The temple is different because of the length of time over which it was developed and used (1300 years) with about 30 different pharaohs contributing to the construction. The outside contained a row of sphinxes that connected Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple and led to the Nile. After entering past the gigantic pylons we reached the Great Hypostyle Hall, where it seemed like you couldn’t look up any higher. The room contains 134 columns including 12 central ones that stand at a height of 69 feet! These columns were very impressive, containing hieroglyphics and bright colors on the papyrus shaped capitals. The temple also contained many statues of Ramses II and a few of Hatshepsut. The statues of Hatshepsut had been defaced or destroyed by Thutmose III. There was one statue left that still contained her feminine lips. This area is also where the great obelisks erected by Hatshepsut stood. Only one remains standing today, the other collapsed and is also on display. I couldn’t believe the size of the obelisk (about 100 feet tall), made out of one solid piece of granite. This temple absolutely blew me away. Although I enjoyed the pyramids, I have to say that Karnak Temple was one of, if not the, best part about the trip.

Posted at 7:56 AM by Matt Parker