Funky Bros. Cotton Shop


Before I left for Egypt, I had one thing in mind that I wanted to bring back and that was Egyptian cotton sheets. I had heard that they are the most comfortable sheets to sleep on, but very expensive in the U.S. So, being that we were going to Egypt, I thought they would be much cheaper there.

After looking in many of the markets and seeing no sign of any sheets, I began to get concerned, so I asked our wonderful tour guide Adel where I might find some sheets. He told me that he would take me to a place he knew of to get some. So, while in Cairo, he had the bus stop at a place called Funky Bros. This place had all kinds of Egyptian cotton merchandise and much more.

Once in the store, many of us were wondering about the sheets and began seeking them out. Upon finding them, though, we found that even in Egypt the sheets were much too expensive to buy. So, disgrunted by this, we preceded to look at the other items the store had to offer. The store offered many different items ranging from scarves, to t-shirts, to undergarments, and they even had hats. Even though I was not able to buy what I wanted here I am glad Adel brought us to this place. Many of us bought things and I settled for a scarf, which later helped me stay warm when climbing Mount Sinai.

I don't know how this place got it's name but it was definitely another great addition to our trip.

Posted at 10:02 PM by Jonathan McReynolds