Pharaoh's Restaurant


While on our tour of Egypt, we sampled a lot of great food. We ate at a few restaurants, on a cruise boat, and at hotels. The best meal we had, though, had to be when we ate at a restaurant named Pharaoh's. This restaurant was located very close to the step pyramid and the Imhotep museum.

As we drove up to the place, I soon realized that this place was definitely unique. The restaurant was located in what seemed like a small village. After we got off the bus, we were ushered over to a woman sitting by a stove. Here we watched her prepare and bake some bread that looked like pita. She rolled the dough in some breading and threw them into a stove. After watching this we were escorted to our seating area. The restaurant was open air and looked much more like a shelter house.

Already sitting at the tables were many appetizer like dishes. As we were sampling some of these dishes, the waiters brought the bread to us. This bread was amazing, and even more when dipped in a hummus dip. After we had already stuffed ourselves with bread, the main entre came.

The entre had been grilled on a shishkobob and then placed on smaller grills that sat on the table. There were chunks of chicken, beef, and even a few peppers. It only took one bite to realize how good this food was. A few moments later the grill was empty. However, the waiting staff was quick and had another grill waiting to be sat down in front of us. A few grills later and our entire table was more stuffed than we had been the entire trip. We all left feeling full and happy, ready for our next adventure to the step pyramid!

Posted at 9:42 PM by Jonathan McReynolds