The Nubian Village


The Nubian Village:

There are no words that can begin to explain how amazing this trip has been. Wednesday was a day that was relaxing to many of us. We started the day off with breakfast on our cruise ship. Following that, we took a sail boat ride down the Nile River where we went to the Nubian Village. The boat ride was cool because we had a Nubian man on our boat that taught us how to sing Nubian songs along the way. The boat ride in general was a great time for us to take pictures as the sun was still rising over parts of the hills. Other sail boats were blowing with the breeze and the scenery was exceptional. When we arrived on the island, we had about thirty camels waiting for us to take us to the Nubian Village. The camel ride was an amazing experience for me as it was the first time I have ever ridden one. The guy let me hold on to the rope and take charge of the camel which some of us did and decided to try to race. When we arrived to the Nubian Village, we went into an actual Nubian home where they introduced them, the house, and the way they lived. The house was interesting; they have a big open area for the kitchen and living room and then all the bedrooms were off in the corners. Their floors were made of sand that is changed every two days to keep the bugs from settling in. The way they lived was very interesting; it is common when a man and women get married for the man to move in with his wife’s family. The oldest women in the house would run the house and deal with all the financial issues in the household. While in the house, they showed us some crocodiles that were three years old and then we got to hold some crocodiles that were one year old. Also while we were there, we picked out henna tattoos and the majority of us got them put on while we walked throughout their house. After the Nubian house, we visited a Nubian pre-school where we learned the Nubian and Arabic alphabet. We also visited a couple of classes that were going on during the time which was a highlight for many of us as they welcomed us and took pictures with us. Visiting the Nubian home and school was a highlight for us because it gave us such a real look at how they live. While walking back to our boat, we stopped on the hillside to look over the Nile River. The view was majestic and beautifully indescribable. That is all for now…….SALAM!!!

Posted at 4:21 PM by Barry Matthes