Valley of the Kings


On December 6th, 2009, we went to the Valley of the Kings. There we visited 4 tombs; Thutmosis IV, Siptah, Tawosert – Setnakhte, and Tutankhamen. Thutmosis IV was the first tomb we visited. His burial chamber was discovered in 1903 by Howard Carter. We went down inside into his burial chamber. We traveled down low ceilings where we all had to bend over and walk until we got into the actual burial chamber. Once in the burial chamber we saw his sarcophagus. The sarcophagus was made of red sandstone. The lid is round and decorated with drawings gods and goddesses. Nephtys, the protector of the dead, is on the lid of the coffin guarding his mummy.

The next tomb we went to was Siptah’s. Siptah’s passageway to his tomb was shorter than Thutmosis’s, but the ceilings were still low. The entrance to his tomb is decorated with solar discs flanked by the goddess Ma’at. Ma’at is the goddess of truth and justice. In his burial chamber, there is also an illustration of him in the presence of Hathor, goddess of love, joy, and music.

The third tomb is actually two tombs. This burial site belongs to Tawosert and Setnakhte. These tombs were discovered in 1907. The first burial chamber belonged to Queen Tawosert. Setnakht uncovered Tawosert’s tomb and expanded it to make his own burial chamber. He then disposed of her mummy and used her granite sarcophagus for himself. The lid of the sarcophagus is decorated with the mummy form king in between the goddesses Isis and Nephtys. Isis is known for her healing powers.

The fourth and final tomb we visited was Tutankhamen’s. This tomb was discovered on November 4th, 1922, by Howard Carter. King Tut was 9 years old when he took the throne. Ten years later when he was only 19 years old, he died. Some think he was poisoned and some think head trauma due to a wound found on his head, but no one knows for sure. His tomb was the only tomb left intact. All of his treasures, yellow quartzite sarcophagus and his gold mask are in the Egyptian Museum. His mummy is still in his tomb. I was literally 3 feet from King Tut! It was an amazing experience.

Posted at 1:03 PM by Melissa Tanner