The Step Pyramid


The Step Pyramid was built in the 3rd dynasty and was built for King Djoser. The Step Pyramid was created by Imhotept and there is a museum at Saqqara honoring his advancement in architecture. If it was not for Imhotept the pyramids might not have been created. The Step Pyramid was the first freestanding stone structure of the world. King Djoer was carried to his burial chamber. He also had a lot of galleries so some of the workers that carried him could not get out of the pyramid and died. The passages in the Step Pyramid are underground. The main feature of the pyramid is the central shaft that is 25 meters deep and 8 meters wide. I could not imagine being in charge of creating a pyramid; let alone the first freestanding stone structure of the world. Another thing that amazes me is how Egyptians utilized their technology, also how accurate their measurements were. Our technology today makes the Ancient Egyptian’s technology seem like use less stones and rocks used as chisels and other measuring tools. The sand that was at the Step Pyramid was very fine it felt almost like a powder, and for the most part it was clean.

Posted at 11:11 AM by Katrina Groth