Tomb of Queen Tawsert and King Sethnakht


The tomb was discovered in 1907 and is the largest tomb at The Valley of the Kings. The tomb serves as a resting place for two individuals. The first burial chamber was used for Queen Tawsert. It was decorated with scenes from the Book of the Gates. Setnakht uprooted and enlarged Tawsert’s tomb and added two lower passages and pillared hall for his burial. This tomb is the longest at the Valley of the Kings. I am amazed with how burial chambers evolved from the 4th dynasty to the 18th dynasty. In the 4th dynasty they used pyramids and the 18th through the 20th the tombs were carved in to mountains. They Valley of the Kings reminds me of a cemetery but instead of putting them into the ground they put them in a mountain that is carved and decorated for a specific person. The hieroglyphics are beautiful and they tell a story all at the same time. Ancient Egyptians used a system to create hieroglyphics. The steps are: 1. one person draws the outline of the images 2. group carves the images 3. group paints the images. On the shuttle ride back down from the Valley of the Kings there were some sales men that jumped on to the shuttle. They were trying to sell us statues of symbolic figures from Ancient Egypt. It was a little intimidating, but I was more annoyed than anything. Over all I really enjoyed the Valley of the Kings.

Posted at 11:10 AM by Katrina Groth