Teti Pyramid


When we went to Saqqara, one of the pyramids we went into was Teti's pyramid. It doesn't really look like a pyramid. It looks more like a mound of sand. But that is how it is supposed to look. We just thought it was a sand dune. The builders of the pyramid made it look more like a mound of sand than a pyramid in order to hide it. They did this so that tomb robbers wouldn't think it was a pyramid and rob it.
Teti was the first ruler of Egypt's 6th dynasty. His pyramid was discovered in 1853 by Mariette. His chamber ceiling is covered with stars. The stars represent the night sky, the heavens. The walls are covered with hieroglyphics. Most of them are his name. It was a really neat tomb and different than the other ones we had seen.

Posted at 10:39 AM by Melissa Tanner