Egyptian Food


Before going on this trip, I wrote a paper on the food eaten in Egypt. I read about how bread was the staple food there, but I was still surprised when I saw how much bread there really was. With every meal there was bread, all different kinds and they were all good. One breakfast we had was just 4 different pieces of bread. All of the bread was delicious. I ate so much bread that I don't want to look at a piece a bread for a little while now.
Other foods on this trip besides the bread was fish, beef, rice, and vegetables. The fish was very good and so was the beef. The beef was always different. Sometimes it tasted like beef from vegetable beef soup and other times it tasted like beef with pepper. Any way they made it, it was good. The rice was also made different. Sometimes it was plain white rice and other times it had seeds mixed in with it. The main vegetable we had there was zuccini.
The falafels were very good, but I'm not sure what is in them. The desserts were very good too. They are just not as sweet as the desserts we find here in America. And sometimes the dessert was just fruit.
I tried pretty much everything and I loved it all. A lot of us went on this trip thinking we were going to lose weight because we didn't think we'd like the food. Well, the opposite happened. The food was delicious!

Posted at 10:19 AM by Melissa Tanner