Pyramid of Khufu


The first pyramid that we went and visited was the Great Pyramid of Giza. This pyramid was built as a tomb for King Khufu.I knew it was big from pictures but actually walking up to it and standing by it I couldn't believe how big it really was. We learned that it consists of more than 2 million limestone blocks. The Egyptians obtained the blocks from a nearby quarry and transported it on the Nile to the pyramid. It took about 20 years to build this pyramid and King Khufu lived to be 23. If the king died before they could finish, they would just leave what they had. Everyone lucked out that King Khufu lived long enough for it to be finished, otherwise it would have been left unfinished and we would not get to experience it. This Pyramid we got to climb on it and get pictures taken. We also got to go inside it. The inside of it reminded me of a cave. We had to walk up this narrow ramp to get to the king's chamber. Once we got to the king's chamber, inside was just an empty room with a sarcophagus made of granite. Everyone was expecting there to be more or to have hieroglyphics all over the wall. Actually, no body or treasures has been found in it yet which I did not know. Adel, our tour guide, told us that they found a hole a few years back which was explored using a robot. In the hole, they found a door.They then used another robot only to find another larger door behind that one. Maybe the body and treasures are hidden behind that door but know one knows. Actually getting to see the pyramid and climbing on it was awesome and a dream come true but getting to go inside of it was even better. I would have never expected to do that.

Posted at 2:43 AM by Jim Varner