The Bazar: Shopping in Egypt


A couple of days ago, we got to experience first hand the art of barganing when we entered the locsl Bazar to buy gifts for ourselves and for loved ones back home. The exchange rate here is $ 5.4 to 1 LE so what feels like a thick stack of money burning a hole in our pockets really only is what we brought... exchanged, of course.
The Bazar is a booming open marketplace in which tourists like ourselves, are able to shop for our own pieces of Egyptian culture. -The only problem... the men circling us trying to pursuade us to buy something... anything. While it is an extremely intense experience for what is usually a casual and often relaxing routine in familar settings, we can all find great deals when "playing our cards right." A little confidence and the ability to "stick to your guns (or price)," goes a long way here.
Overall, it's all worth it and we are having a really great time. Shopping here at the local Bazars is just another way to interact with this unique and colorful country. Be home soon, but it won't be easy leaving here.

Posted at 12:39 PM by Elyse Quarterman