Nubian Village


We visited a Nubian Village yesterday. We were welcomed into the home of one of the families. We got to tour their home which consisted of a large courtyard with several rooms off of it. They were very hospitable and kind. They offerd us tea to drink and free henna tattoos. Everyone got a henna tattoo for free and it usually lasts one to two months. Brides in the Nunbian culture cover themselves from head to toe in henna tattos the night before their wedding. Several families also keep crocodiles in their homes. They are allowed to keep them from when they are born to about three years old. The family we visited had seven crocodiles with the largest one around five feet long and the smallest one less than one foot. We were all given the chance to hold the smallest crocodile which was still a baby. The visit to the Nubian village was by far one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Posted at 11:58 AM by Katie Fretwell